R2D Wiki

Please agree with the following rules for this Wikia.

+profanity punishments may apply in certain cases, most likely will just be marked as "Content Deleted," or the whole comment deleted.

1 - I will not disobey the rules listed below. I understand that I will get punished by intentionally breaking them.

2 - Don't be racist. No one cares if you think your race is better than another race. As long as you be friendly and get along with the differences, you'll be good.

3 - Don't post suspicious websites. If they are not known and/or contains malwares, don't post it.

4 - Don't disrespect others. As long as you respect others, they'll respect you aswell.

+4 - an example, "you f**king dumb***."

5 - Don't share pornography. This is mainly a Wikia for kids or underage, but only because there are some adults doesn't gives you the right to destroy the kid's infancy.

6 - Don't disrespect administrators. If they did something, they did it with a reason. And if you disrespect them, you're just asking to be banned.

7 - Don't create pointless pages. If you want a page to be listed as a helpful page and even protected, don't put trash pages. They'll get deleted, along with your innocence.

8 - Don't be a grammar nazi. That'll be a pointless thing, since they'll discover how to spell it right on their own later.

9 - Don't be all-superior. Only because you know more than others, doesn't gives you the right to make people feel like trash. Be as much kind as you can!