In Reason 2 Die, there are a variety of weapons available for usage, the mesh and textures are differentiated and the stats of each weapons are more unique than the other firearms and melees. They are used only by the survivors and are crucial for the game due to the necessity of having it to survive a round as as Survivor. There are multiple kinds of weapons, from pistols to high-tech primaries. They deal damage only to zombies and zombie AIs, but they can also deal damage to survivors on gamemodes such as FFA. The weapons uses a mesh and a texture in appearance, although some of them are fully made out of detailed bricks, such as the RPG-7. Without the weapons, the survivors wouldn't have a minimal possibility of surviving any map. They are often used by both aggressive and defensive terms. The stats of the weapons are differentiated in damage, ammo, reload speed, firerate, and the list goes on. Most of the weapons in Reason 2 Die are based on real life weapons!

R2DBar CurrentFirearms
RPG7 NewButton Spas12 NewButton UZI NewButton Sniper NewButton Revolver NewButton M1Garand NewButton
Shotgun NewButton M16 NewButton Flamethrower NewButton Ak47 NewButton ColtM1877 NewButton Handgun NewButton
Tommygun NewButton Minigun NewButton Chinalake NewButton PewPew NewButtonFIX MP5 NewButtonFIX Famas F1 -PS-
Crossbow -PS-

R2DRBar CurrentMelees

IceSledge NewButton Chainsaw NewButton RamboKnife NewButton BaseballBat NewButton Crowbar NewButton Tinpot NewButton
Katana -M- ToySword
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