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The Vote Kick system, as the name implies, is a system used to kick players from the server. In order for a successful kick there has to be a 6 yes to 1 no or greater. The system was originally made to kick hackers from a server if a mod didn't show. Now that most hacks are patched, it is mainly used to deal with bullies, spammers, glitchers, etc. Either that or some kid is abusing the vote kick just cause. Another cause is somebody raging after a loss in Free For All.

To kick a person, you must simply type /votekick (playername). Do not abuse the vote kick system or you may get banned.

The vote kick box appears underneath the roblox chat.


  • Votekicks tend to be hacked for a hacker to not be able to be kicked from the server.
  • Even if there is 7 yes, and 1 no, the kicked person will not be kicked.
    • There has been reports of votekicks being "Yes: 5 No: 99999999".
  • You can vote to kick yourself and also vote yes or no when someone votes you.
  • Trying to kick an admin will result in a 2-day ban.
  • The Vote Kick system was added in Version 21 to replace the Vote Ban system in place.