The Van can be bought in Live Store. It can hold 8 people, including the driver. The front bumper makes zombies and survivors fall if hit. It can be destroyed by zombies if you aren't careful. The Van cannot be driven by another player as long as the owner's name is above the van, which indicates they are still alive.

The Van is commonly used to run over Tanks or other players. It is also not infrequent to see players blocking escape routes with the Van in maps such as New Bloxcoast.


  • The Van's front bumper causes a tripping effect and, with enough force, you can push anything around, other than bosses such as King Cake.
  • The Van prevents the use of most your weapons because it blocks your weapon while you are driving.
    • However, a Flamethrower still works, creating a good anti-zombie mobile protection.


  • The Van is the only purchasable vehicle in R2D.
    • The Van is also the only vehicle controlled by the player.
  • The Van got health in Version 24.
    • Also in Version 24, the back seats worked.
  • The Van got a return in R2DA.


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