1. The survivors spawn in a small room with piles of dirt blocking the only exit. Along with their weapons and items, survivors spawn with a shovel and Torch. The survivors must dig their way out into the next room. You will earn 50 cash once you complete the digging task.

2. Next the survivors escape the spawn area, they have to go by a campfire and click on it with their torch. Going too close can and will set you on fire, even if you have a fireproof vest on, so be extra careful. Then the survivors must travel across the map lighting all the torches and lanterns. The torches and lanterns are scattered across the map, and their locations never change.

3. After the survivors light all the torches and lanterns, they receive 200 cash and then they will have to find an energy drink. After finding the energy drink, the player who has it must give it to Leeroy the lizard. After consuming the drink Leeroy will go, "Leeroy Jenkins!" and smash the boulders blocking the front entrance to a church.

4. After smashing the rocks blocking the church, the survivors must enter the church and talk to the priest. A player must defend him for 5 minutes while he tries to remember the password to the basement. After 5 minutes has passed, the priest finally remembers the password and opens the basement door. (Due to the fact that the Priest is "immortal" players don't have to defend him. They can just wait it out.)

5. In the basement of the church is a large key which a person has to carry to the locked gate, which will let people escape to a cliff where a helicopter is. You run straight into the helicopter then teleport to the stage. Currently since the new winner screen update it's once again impossible to win because if you get into the heli you won't teleport.

Easter Eggs

You can find a semi-opened door and you'll see "Spooky Scary Skeletons" behind the door. Rumor has it,that the graves that are dug are graves of dead famous people. You can escape from the underground and you can wait at the heli,but you won't be teleported to the winner screen if all of the Objectives aren't completed. In the church there is stain of blood which reads "Evil Creation are Lurking", this is a reference to one of our moderators. There is a Molotov Drink in the bar, but you can't obtain it.

5. In SRV, if you have survived long enough, an old steam train comes in on the tracks with a coal car and two boxcars trailing after it. There are two seats in the locomotive, one on top of the coal car, and six in each boxcar.

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