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    Incubator: GUI

    August 28, 2018 by WikiaColors
    Mobile GUIs can be found here.

    Main Menu GUI

    Image Name Function
    Join Game You can see the players on the server, choose whether you spawn as zombie or survivor and join a game by clicking the Ready button in here. You can also make your own Groups and see others within a group if you are on PC or Mac.
    Inventory You can equip or unequip your Weapons, Items and Armors here.
    Settings You can turn off sound, switch your view mode and other things in here.
    Store You can buy Weapons, Items, Armors and Robux Boosters here.
    Recovery If you have lost Weapons, Event Items or Rank (not Cash), then you can choose to do a recovery. This doesn't appear for mobile users.
    Sound You can turn in-game music off/on with this button. It also appears in-game.
    In-Game GUI


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  • WikiaColors

    Buried Alive Info

    August 23, 2018 by WikiaColors

    1. The survivors spawn in a small room with piles of dirt blocking the only exit. Along with their weapons and items, survivors spawn with a shovel and Torch. The survivors must dig their way out into the next room. You will earn 50 cash once you complete the digging task.

    2. Next the survivors escape the spawn area, they have to go by a campfire and click on it with their torch. Going too close can and will set you on fire, even if you have a fireproof vest on, so be extra careful. Then the survivors must travel across the map lighting all the torches and lanterns. The torches and lanterns are scattered across the map, and their locations never change.

    3. After the survivors light all the torches and lanterns, they receive 200 cash and then…

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  • WikiaColors

    Incubator: Facts

    August 13, 2018 by WikiaColors

    • You can get a rare easter egg zombie spawned with a microphone and a fedora that sings,called Frank Sinatra zombie(note that it only works for normal zombies.) This zombie has no buffs.
    • The most rage-inducing zombie is the Tank, preferably because tanks abuse their special ability to fling rocks at survivors, either killing them instantly or tripping them if they step on debris.
    • Zombies can be merged by having some slight lag that glitches out and multiplies the zombie selection screen. For example, many times has the Hunter Tank been seen by people around the servers. When the creator first spotted this, he thought about a new feature where zombies can be merged.
    • You can also get a rare version of a smoker called Edgar, it has a green smoke…

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  • WikiaColors

    This is a basic guide on what to do in R2D as a Survivor. It's not intended for higher-level players, who will know most of the stuff here.


    • Plenty of determination and patience (you will use it up fast).
    • Time (not just on weekends but on weekdays).
    • A willingness to learn from one's own mistakes (this shouldn't be that hard).
    • Knowing when to be in 1st-person view (it's not totally useless after all).

    To ensure that you can get to aim-bot status, you must have sorted out what kind of player you are. Look at the chart below and select your path. This weapons chart also takes note of some of the characteristics of its weapons, including which situations they're designed for.

    Class Weapon
    Low Level Weapons Pistol (starting weapon; nearly …

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  • WikiaColors

    Glitch Description
    Elevator Zombie Glitch While zombies can't activate elevators, humans can! A survivor can lead zombies to an elevator, then quickly leave and close it, and a few seconds into time and the zombies will die! (It happens because zombies aren't supposed to be in elevators)
    Physics Glitch Most common glitch in all of R2D, most people refer it to "pushing off someone", but it is simply ROBLOX physics since they updated the animations which can result in tripping for an unknown reason.

    Back-Seat Losing Glitch

    If you manage to survive long enough in Blackfield Station OBJ mode and get in the backseats of the escape vehicle, you may notice that when they make the seats disappear, you won't win. It's unknown why it happens, but maybe …

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