For a map,I thought of a name:"NoEscape" or "WrongCall". NoEscape will be like a Large Building (WITH 20 FLOORS AND STUFF!!! :D) And it will have blocked doors at the exit. Players will have to get sticks of dynamite and plant them at the barricade. Then they will have to find the hidden radio,and ask for help. There will be 3 radios,one of them will be music,the other will be like a drama,and the third radio is the right one.They are randomly generated,and the rescue comes in 2 minutes. A giant UFO appears,and it can accommodate 10 players. WrongCall will have a cutscene where a random player is talking on his phone,and it emits loud static which attracts infected. The Survivors MUST survive for 5 Minutes until a guy named Jack destroys a barricade in the survivors' way. Then they would have to take another phone and call for help. The help arrives in 3 minutes,and it will be a giant bus which can accommodate 6 players. The map will look like a tunnel with vents, and when the players escape the vent it would ruin,and 20 NPC Boomers come out of the Tunnel. They self destroy,creating acid and blocking the way back into the ruin. When players get out of the tunnel,they would see 3 buildings and 5 houses. The buildings collapse after the players go past them,the houses have a lot of NPC infected in them and they (the infected) are all special (no tanks).

For an update,i thought of a weapon which would cost 2000 ROBUX and 10k cash after release (high ranks can buy it) It would be a spear-like weapon,and if you press F you melee zombies. Melee does 70 Damage,and trips Infected. If F isn't pressed in the last 5 seconds,you can press E to go an a rapid fire mode (it lasts 10 seconds) and you fire red lasers,but half of the damage is done (it doesn't use up ammo) It would have 10 shots and 3 clips in it (It fires blue lasers) A new infected called Goliath. It would be a large,tank-like infected,but it's faster and weaker (A LOT WEAKER) than a Tank. His special attack is grab,which grabs a player for 5 seconds and strangles him(does 30 damage for 5 seconds). It can be interrupted by a Rambo Knife,by cutting his arm. It can press E while holding a survivor to throw him (throw doesn't do damage) It can lose an arm,but quickly grows another one which is green and is a lot stronger than the grey arm. It would have 200 HP,and the basic attack does 20 HP of damage,but it's a lot slower than the tank attack (OP Attack alert)

@PlaceRebuilder Please read this! Thank you.

                                                                                Sincerely,TheLolingHitman c:
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