II. Penalization

The R2D Moderation staff is authorized to punish those whom deemed necessary of so within limits of R2D Mod Guidelines (See Article III ).
You may be penalized such as the following:
  • Hacking
  • Exploiting
  • Harrassment
  • False Reporting

II.A Revoking Bans

You may revoke a pernament ban by sending a PM to a head moderator containing information as to what you did wrong, your defense statement/how you can correct it in the future.
The Head Moderators may not always respond to revoke PMs and should not be spammed with revoke messages to make the matter worse.

II.B False Bans

If you believe that your pernament ban was created by a faulty error by a moderator, you must send an immediate message to one of the following: the Moderator that banned you, a Head Moderator, or an Admin.
When sending your message, please provide an elaborate message about what happened and what you think really happened. Please include the mod who banned you, the time, and date. 

II.C Admin Abuse

Admin Abuse (AA) is the action of which an R2D staff member exploits their power to intentionally penalize a player whom is not a victim of any rule violation. If AA were to occur, it would most likely be a moderator (rarely but may be a Head Moderator). All AA reports must be reported to the Admin. Please include the AA's name, time, and date.

TheHelpfulR2DModDoge (talk) 04:09, January 27, 2015 (UTC)

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