• ==AN OFFICIAL BROADCAST OF THE KRIEG NATION== Today on 2/16/15, we have begun our march. We marched through the countryside of the chat and rallied as many souls who are not afraid to be banned to our cause. We stand proudly by the banner of our hero for we want him back. We know we may be banned but our lord watches over us. Be brave, brother, like I know you are. When death comes, laugh and I will laugh with you. If it is your time, wait for the rest of us in Valhalla. No man lives forever, but the brave are eternal. Be the fire that lights the way, and hold your chin high so the rest of us can follow your fearless lead. Your courage is the raging tempest that give those weaker than you the momentary fire to stand tall in the hopes they can meet your shadow.
  • In the hours that come you may wake from your battle here, or you may wake in Valhalla, with your brothers and mine. If you do, raise a glass and sing for your heroes. Know that you are immortal, because nothing can destroy courage. There is no force that can mute the flame that fearless men inspire in the rest of us. Honor those who have honored you. == Objectivez== Getting Krieg back is the main goal. Once he is back, we shall eliminate those who have wronged him. Justice must and will be served. They will forever regret the hour of their mistake.
  • == How 2 join == 1.Change your profile picture to File:Lord commissar.png|thumb|This 2. Rally as many people to our cause and make them do step 1. 3. Continue to chant that we want him back. WE ARE THE TEMPEST, THE CHOSEN LIGHT BEARERS. WE MARCH FOR KRIEG AND WE SHALL KNOW NO FEAR. ==Benefits of joining == Krieg Kare (better than Obama care)
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