Wot is dis

A saga detailing the last days of Kroog and his future/current whereabouts. Dis is gonna be the last comic I'm going to make here.


Da story

(Late January to early March period)

Shortly after the incident (I'm fairly certain that most of you guys know) I began looking for jobs as an admin elsewhere. Being a previous mod at r2d gives you a pretty good chance in the experience category, especially if you have scored 300+ confirmed bans. I waited before agreeing to be a mod to the different devs incase place responded. I watched as the leaves fell off the trees and regrew but still no response. The snow drifted slowly much as my hope until it all melted away.

Eventually, after holding a meeting with my close retinue of friends, we came to the consensus that he was/is ignoring me on purpose. Eventually, I settled on a certain group to work with since their community matched all of my requirements.

Part 2 coming soon.

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