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These were made eons ago.

= Bayonet

When the bayonet is equipt, it should be attached to your weapon.

The bayonet should have an energy bar like most melee weapons. The shove attack that does no dmg would be replaced by the bayonet.

After you kill an enemy, there should be the carcass impaled on the blade(to make it more realistic) The carcass would

Bayonet plz.png

then disappear after a few seconds.

Cost: (A ton)

Dmg: (More then basic melee weapons) 30-40 dunno

Desc: "For centuries, the bayonet has been impaling people. Now, you can do the same for the price of (insert price)

Ect: Double clicking should activate the charge attack. (plunge forward) and impale anything infront of you. You then raise your weapon up as the corpse slides to the bottom of the bayonet.(instant kill) Drains all energy.

Or... Double click=Weapon is thrown like a javelin, impaling the enemy in an instant kill....



-Long reach

-Special attack

-Kite=can't touch this



-Corpse jams the gun for a few seconds


Desc: It may look like a normal gardening too but in the right hands, it can easily cleave flesh from bone.

It has to be equip in one of the slots like when you buy c4 or grenades....

Cost: Lower then my previous suggestions.

Dmg: More then bat or equal (Green berets use shovels to kill people)

Ect: Has two modes, combat and building. The shovel is able to build ditch traps to trap zombies (this can help with anti tank warfare) or build trenches(breastwotks) It would be deep enough so only your character and his gun sticks out. Because your character is lower, he is harder to hit from normal zombies.

Ect: "Shovel can't be used as weapon"

In the grim future of humanity.... There are only shovels..

Ice Pickaxe


Desc" When the zombies spread to the alpine regions, the survivors there had an advantage, the ice pick"

It is a melee secondary

2nd one is an item like the grenade

Cost: A lot

Dmg: Duno

Ect 2nd one is an item like the grenade? It means that if you have two of them, it unlocks the special ability.

Special Ability: Climb. Having two of these lets you scale small walls or wall hang...


Low energy consumption

Fast attack speed

Able to climb


Need two for climbing action

2nd one takes an equipment spot

Cane Sword

Cane sword.png

Desc "Probably used by your grand parents when then outbreak began, slices through zombies easily, so easy, I can't believe it is not butter"

Cost: Duno

Dmg Baseball bat+ (It is a sword what do you expect)


Good dps


Medium reach

There is already a gear based on this on roblox, mesh should not be hard to find

You look fancy

So fancy.png




Common item in house defense or self defense

Desc "Tase him bro. The power of electricity is now in your hands."

Cost: Duno

Dmg: Tinpot

No energy since it is so light.


Fast attacks

No Energy

Longer stun


Very short range

Flame Thrower

Desc: "Kill it with fire!"

Flame thrower1.png

Cost: 30kish?

Dmg: A lot as long as the target is being sprayed, maybe 30-50 every second within contact? (Also after burn same as Molotov)


Large Cone spray, good against bunny hoppers

High dps


Good against hoards


Slows user down

Low range

Low dmg

Claymore land mine


Item desc: "Point in the wanted direction and watch the magic happen<3" Price: 50-100

Dmg: 150+

This is an item that takes up the slot a grenade or a medikit does..

Ect: It is triggered when you hit "f"


- Lets you keep your distance

-High Dmg


- Only in one direction

-One use only.


Attack Doge.png

Desc "Man's best friend."

The dog is useful for three things...

1. The dog barks when there are zombies nearby, (no more ambush)

2. The dog is able to attack zombies that come too close...

3. The dog is able to run and get ammo (on a hotkey) when it's owner is low on ammo.

Cost: 40k-50k

Damage: 20-30

Hp: 50-100

Extra: Dog can be healed with the "raw meat" item I put in one of the suggestions above or medikit(If you really don't want doge to die)


-Gets you ammo

-Alerts you when enemies are nearby

-Extra dmg



-You gonna feel bad when he is killed.



Cost: 30-40k

Desc: "Something's coming from the sky. It isn't a bird, it isn't a plane... It is death."

Damage: More than China lake.

Splash: 20-25

Usage: The mortar lobs shells over a long distance. When using the mortar, your character is frozen in place as he aims/loads/and fires the mortar shell. The mortar shell will take a longer time if the target is far away.

Ammo: 1X8? Dunno, mortar shells are small ish.


More dmg than china lake

More splash

Can shoot over walls

Shoots farther than China lake(lower risk of self explosion)

Stuns like China Lake


Freezes your character

Round takes longer to travel the farther the target

===Shotel 2X Dual Wield===

Homage to the embraced.

Desc: Become one with Lautrec. Become the Embraced.

Cost: 30k-35k(if dual) 25k-30k if single Not sure which will be accepted.

Damage: 45-50

Usage: The curved blade helps it get around corners, better than you average sickle.


Long Reach

Low energy consumption

Can reach around walls with the curved shape

2 blades



Can't be thrown


Can't cancel slicing animation



Level required: 12

Desc: Fire the Bass Cannon The power of the Giant Dad's are now in your hand. Stunlock the competition into oblivion.

Cost: 45-50k

Dmg: 75-85


Usage: Large sword used to maim zombies. Slice through hoards of zeds with this elegant blade.


Long reach

High dmg


Slice through multiple enemies as long as it is in reach


High energy consumption

High cost

Slows down user like Minigun

Can not cancel attack animation. (Look at the zweihander move set in the dark souls wikia)



Mesh can be the fencing foil

Desc: Elegant but deadly.



Usage: Long bladed weapon used for fast strikes. Keep your enemy at bay with this elegant blade.

Double click to lunge (60-70 dmg) Double energy usage


Long reach

Fast attack (Rambo speed)

Medium energy consumption


Better energy regen than crowbar(It's lighter than a crowbar)


Less than Rambo


Can not cancel lunging animation

Takes time to draw out sword

When drawn, spawns with 75% energy.


Soon to be stained red<3

Use mace mesh

Desc "Go medieval on yo" (+1 to anyone who knows where that is from)

Cost: 20k+25k

Dmg: 50-60

Usage: Used to bludgeon down your foes, be careful of the short reach.


Good dmg

Special knockback (shoves enemy into the ground, longer knockback no they are not stuck, just special animation to make it look cooler)


High energy consumption


short reach

Makeshift Warhammer/sledge

(what ever you want to call this thing)

All other images of warhammers are of old ones, so I'm using the dead zone image

Desc: "Cammon and slam, and welcome to the jam"

Dmg: 60-70

Cost: 25-30k

Usage: Slam your enemies down, unleash the power of the jam.


Longer knockback time then mace

Special knock animation just like mace

Medium reach


High energy consumption

Slows down user

Throwing Knife

Throwing knife.png


Level required: 12


Usage: Throw small knives at your enemies. Double click to fire, just like Rambo knife...

Ammo 1X25

Dmg: 25


Fast firing speed


Each knife stuck in a body slows down target by 0.5


Gravity affects arc.

Must double click to fire (can't just point and shoot)

Mods, feel free to suggest any buffs or nerfs...



Cost: 20k-25k

Rank required: 14


Ammo 1X35

Dmg: 30

Usage: Throw regularly by clicking.


Fast firing speed

Fast reload


Slows by 0.5 when lodged in a target

Maybe homing(dunno mods your call)

===Dragunov ===

Pew pew

Cost: A ton

Desc "Tell him as he defends our home that grateful, True Katusha our love will defend."

Dmg: 150-200

Rank required: 12?

Usage: Semi auto sniper rifle.

Ammo: 2X10


Semi Auto (Not single shot before reload)



Slows user by a slight bit, maybe 2-4


Feel free to suggest any changes

===M249 SAW===


Cost: 35k-45k

Required rank: 14

Damage: 25-35 (dunno mods, your call)

Reload time: 5-10 seconds (unique loading animation of putting an ammo belt into the gun)

Deploy time: 2 seconds

Pack up time: 2 seconds

Usage: Must take 2 seconds to deploy with bipod. After the two seconds, the weapon is ready to fire.

Magazine 80 (80) ammo tin/can what ever you call that box


Large ammo capacity (Good for mowing down hordes)

Unique reload animation

You gonna look cool with it.


Longish reload

Set up time

slows down user like minigun

===Browning, M1919A4===

Because the m2 50 cal is too heavy to carry around...

Cost: 45k-50

Rank required: 13-15(your call mods)

Dmg: 30-35? (It is 30 cal, your call mods)

Usage: Requires set up time. Special animation for when you are reloading(Taking the belt out of the can and into the feed)

Ammo: 100X (Ammo box) (100)

Set up time 8-10 seconds (tripod)

Overheats after firing 50 rounds continuously


High rof

Large ammunition clip


1 ammo box at a time.

set up time


Dual Hooked Swords

Melee power house

Cost: 40-45k (mods your call)

Dmg: 50X2 (mods your call)

Level requirement: 12

Usage: Two swords that are hooked at the edges, good for pulling enemies toward you upon hit.


High dmg X2

Pulls enemy toward you upon hit (Hate it when you are meleeing a zombie and it flies away and gets back up to dmg you once)

Medium energy consumption



Pulls toward you (could be good or bad)



Cost: 40-45k

Damage: 40-45

Usage: Close combat weapons with really fast attacks

Double click and hold to do a 360 attack draining energy as long as you do it.


Attack speed faster than Rambo

Low energy consumption

Spin attack



Low reach