Archive of stuff I came up with many days(august ago)

EMT Medical Kit


Comes with surgical tools and morphine. Also lollipops and stickers for those who are too scared to be operated on.

A more advanced medikit that contains more items and can be used more then your basic over the counter items. These medikits are usually used by highly trained field medics

Level required: 10


Heals: Full hp

What it does: It can be used as long as there is "ammo" for it. It can be refilled at ammo dumps. Refilling takes the time it takes to heal someone.

Heal time: Long time( so it isn't op, like 2 or 3X the time it takes for a normal medikit.)


Block of meat

Item desc: "The allure of tasty meat goes well beyond the grave..."


Dmg: None

This is an item that takes up the slot a grenade or medikit does.

What does this piece of meat do? It is like a pipebomb, when thrown, the zombies will go toward it however, it lasts longer then a pipe bomb because the zombies must eat (destroy it) for the effect to wear off....

It trades dmg for more distraction time....

HP of the meat: 100-200?

Quick drying cement


This can be the item since Roblox already has a trowel mesh and trowels are used to smooth out cement.

Cost: 30

Use: Reinforce those planks! Apply this for added ZBreakable resistance. (basically a block of Zbreakable wall)

HP: 20-30


Can not be broken by survivors

Can be used to plug up windows(I hate it when in undead vacation, that one guy busts the window near the boarded up door and letting the zombies in)


Takes time to dry.

Requires time to apply (no "just clicking" like the boards)



Water=Zombies They ain't breaking the line that easy.

"Let them wash upon our walls like waves against rocks, only to be broken up ahahah"

Cost: 25

Usage: Near instant walls, used as "near instant cover" or for filling up gaps when you run out of planks. Can be used with planks to form an even stronger wall.

HP :More than door.

Amount: 2X more then planks

Size: 2X2? I dunno, play around with the size/mesh

Specialty: It gets harder to knock down as more bags are placed on top of each other since the weight from the bags on top will help weigh it down. The weight and friction would create a hard "wall"


Faster than cement

The more the stronger


Weaker than cement

Top bag is the easiest to destroy



Desc "Used to stop Calvary charges, now used to stop crawler charges"

Cost: 15-20

Usage: Drops a small "pool" of 7-12 caltrops in an area. The caltrops would then damage any zombies that walk onto it.

Dmg: 5


Used to stop crawler charges and any zombies that can not super jump or used ranged attacks.

Sticks into zombies, causing dmg over time (time length: Molotov burn)


Ranged zombies can just snipe

Easily spotted

Hunters can just jump over it.

Barbed Wire


Desc: "Blades on strings"

Cost: 20-30

Dmg: 15-30

Usage: It is a building item, just like the planks. It damages enemies and trips them when they touch it.


Can be strung around

Deny area for zombies charges


Breaks after being tripped a couple of times

Hunters can jump over them

Smokers/firebreathers can just snipe.




Desc: "I've got some rope, some quality rope, for a man devoid of hope."

Cost: 20


1. Climbing Rope. You must be within 1-5 studs of the area in order to click one "wield'(Like when putting a plank). You need two "wields" if you want to make a climbing rope

2. Tripping Rope After clicking a hot key the rope now trips any zombies that touch it. The "wields" thing applies to this too.

3. Tying Rope The third usage of the Rope. Use it to tie down players or zombies. Break value hp: 6


Many uses



You need to be within 1-10 studs.

We all know what happens after that.

Grappling Hook


Desc : "(insert James Bond theme)

Price: 30-40

Usage: This thing can be thrown and picked up again to form a line that you can walk/climb on. Throwing arc=Rambo knife.


More range than rope when using


You become like James Bond for like 5 seconds.


Cost more.

Less uses than rope.

Can't tie down fools.

===Battle Standard===
The flag

Fight on.

Desc" Rally to the flag"

Cost: 50-100

Usage: Passively heals survivors that are in your group around it at 1 hp for every (insert large but feasible number) The battle standard inspires those around to keep on fighting. In a 1-15 stud radius.

Zbreakable hp: 7


Passively heals

Is the same colour as your group colour

Encourages groups and group work


Can't move

Only heals people in your group

People be jelly of your awesome banner

Can be broken



Segway Calvary

(what ever floats your boat or is easier to make)

Desc: "They see me rollin, they hatin"

Cost: 60

Usage: It makes your character move faster. It has an energy bar that drains as you use it and regens, just like a melee weapon.

Speed: More than zombie, less than smoker.




Can't jump


===Incendiary grenade===

Cost: More than grenade

Usage: Cause an explosion and a fiery spark.(spark/smoke white phosphorus )

Pros: Explodes like a grenade, deals light fire damage like a Molotov burn

Cons: Explosion slightly less than grenade.

===Thermite Grenade===

Cost: More than incendiary

Usage: Cause an extremely strong fire. Strong enough to wield metal.

Pros: Stronger than Molotov

Cons: Less AOE than Molotov

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