Remember the happening and how PR wanted it to be over and then everyone forgot and acted like it never happened?

And then this.

>Mods trying to delete threads.


Sometimes you got to sink the ship to kill the captain.

Serun you wanna start again

Because some people can't take a hint after the incident.

Didn't place tell the mods to like stop talking about this?

No, they use this as some sort of leverage in any argument or discussion now.

You are just as pathetic as Dekinny Serun

The joke

This is the response I get for making a social commentary joke.

Are you kidding me.

Is this what some of you mods are?

The one moment you don't understand the joke and assume it is toward you.

You pull out something

and use it against people.

What an arse.

And then he goes on his High Horse and pretends to be the victim.

It could be avoided.


His mis reading turned into this argument and he decided to drag Athanius into this.

And to think this all could have been avoided.

If he didn't misread it.

And act like a total thickheaded bigot who repots what he says over and over.

Let alone bring up the incident.

You want to start shit Serun?

Bring it.

You have more to loose than I do.

Ingame mod>Wikia mod.

Besides, my reputation is already screwed over after the incident and that won't go away.

Considering you were one of the better mods, didn't think you would stoop this low to bring that up again.


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