After Consulting Place

Well, after talking to place about the Happening, I got this as the responses.

He called u a kid. Big deal? "thats not really something either." in response to when I told him about his line for calling people "betrayers" for simply having a different opinion.

"Calling someone a kid is not "inferior" especially not considering this is a childrens game.

The rules are to judge real cases, not tiny disputes.". So minor insults are allowed?

tl;dr: It means nothing


The feels

Just carry on?

After giving 100 bans on the wikia, I question what I do, is it due to Zeal for Place and the site? Possibly. Why do I even do it, I don't get the same respect as the mods that do nearly the same job of protecting the site from the scum of society. I know I will never be recognized as one of them or anything for what I do in the community. Barely any of them bat an eye on the sight, why do I even bother. Some mods don't even give a shit for what I do. I don't feel accepted into the "family" nor will I ever, especially after the Happening.

Am I just a mere pawn for what I do? Ready to be cast away when someone else is able to fill the role? Heck, I'm probably only here since I'm able to check the site most often. What am I even doing.

I should just leave for a while to rethink if it is worth it doing this. Why do I even waste my time here monitoring the site when I could be doing other things if I am treated as shit in the mod group let alone be recognized for what I do in the community.

Evil, cover for me while I rethink what I do.

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