Well, shortly after finding out how place truly feels about me, I find that it is no longer fitting for me to stay here fueled on by a vainglorious lie. Today marks an ending of my time here. The chapter finally closes when I finally know how Place feels about me.

" I don't thinkoli it'll happenoli for uroli. PlaceRebuilder got happy when I unadminolied you. "

Ehh well, at least Zih bothered to tell me rather than let me sit around here pondering over why there was no adminoli ravioli. Month wasted, wondering about it. And you guys had the audacity to not tell me. Hmmpoli


It is time to move on to another community that actually cares about me and won't hide stuff from me just to keep me here. Sure it was disheartening to throw the mode minigun into the garbage can but ehh well, a mans got to do what a man's got to do.

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