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  • Love and Krieg

    A saga detailing the last days of Kroog and his future/current whereabouts. Dis is gonna be the last comic I'm going to make here.

    (Late January to early March period)

    Shortly after the incident (I'm fairly certain that most of you guys know) I began looking for jobs as an admin elsewhere. Being a previous mod at r2d gives you a pretty good chance in the experience category, especially if you have scored 300+ confirmed bans. I waited before agreeing to be a mod to the different devs incase place responded. I watched as the leaves fell off the trees and regrew but still no response. The snow drifted slowly much as my hope until it all melted away.

    Eventually, after holding a meeting with my close retinue of friends, we came to the consensus th…

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  • Love and Krieg


    October 21, 2014 by Love and Krieg

    Remember the happening and how PR wanted it to be over and then everyone forgot and acted like it never happened?

    And then this.

    >Mods trying to delete threads.


    Sometimes you got to sink the ship to kill the captain.

    Because some people can't take a hint after the incident.

    Didn't place tell the mods to like stop talking about this?

    No, they use this as some sort of leverage in any argument or discussion now.

    You are just as pathetic as Dekinny Serun

    This is the response I get for making a social commentary joke.

    Are you kidding me.

    Is this what some of you mods are?

    The one moment you don't understand the joke and assume it is toward you.

    You pull out something

    and use it against people.

    What an arse.

    And then he goes on his High Horse and preten…

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  • Love and Krieg

    I will just keep track now.


    Roblox age: How many years I've been on roblox is about 2 years , Country USA, Newjersey :I really want to become a mod because my friend was getting bullied and he is very depressed , I want to kick out rude or mean people , like really rude. Real life age : 12  Roblox user is SmallPuppyMaster

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  • Love and Krieg

    Kriegs hitlist

    October 18, 2014 by Love and Krieg

    Palestine Supporter





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  • Love and Krieg

    Ghost Hunting

    October 12, 2014 by Love and Krieg

    A meeting was called in the admin office after sightings of ghosts.

    They discovered the cause of the ghosts.

    Backstory before the meeting

    Place hatches a master plan.

    Place unveils a new device, The ghost vacuum

    Place and the headmods lead the forward advance, only to be stopped by the large blockade of ghosts

    Chosy knocks one down with his beard as they open fire using the new anti ghost vacuum

    Chosy gets abducted as the van barricade breaks.

    A van falls from orbit, but how?

    As the vanguard are off, this is what happens back in the HQ


    Meanwhile in a lawn nearby.....

    But how?

    Krieg finally arrives.

    The grand idea

    Go go rocket car

    Get rekt

    After defeating the Pumpkin Lord. The gang hosted a party in honor of their victory and Chosy, (Who respaw…

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