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    June 27, 2015 by Dark MC Kairo
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  • Dark MC Kairo

    The 1x1x1x1

    November 26, 2014 by Dark MC Kairo

    1x1x1x1 is hacker and evil. He do exploiting site roblox, hack server game.

    MrDoomBringer about of 1x1x1x1

    People say "Hacker!" and "1x1x1x1 is back!"

    1x1x1x1 is banned

    1x1x1x1 do create group name "1x1x1x1" and banned

    1x1x1x1 own this place people said "this place so evil" 1x1x1x1's place

    And 1x1x1x1 is now deleted

    In new 2014, he rename "Pigbro1" he do put audio John's laugh and change color

    Here video 

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  • Dark MC Kairo

    cost: $3.50

    -Moar scary

    -Freddy as agile

    -Chica as ROBLOXRULES98783

    -Bonnie as James

    -Foxy as Dark


    -loud scream

    picture of FNAA

    coming soon

    cost: 420.50

    -agile fazrager's torture is closed but changed name "james's nightmare torture"

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  • Dark MC Kairo

    it was raging ROBLOXRULES98783 is rage kicker here picture


    Dark: u r imma rage some taste like s***

    im gonna kill agile while die

    agile is noob rager and james

    yo u wanna 1v1 rapping goin'

    Agile: my enemy is eriec

    imma rager game what goin'

    you wanna kill dark im gonna stab like murderer


    Dark: yo what goin' about fokin'

    throw pipebomb and 100 KILLSTREAK!

    im gonna..... (pause) yo

    will doin' murder the agile

    Agile: what are u doin' murder me

    kill dark and GET RICH

    yo chance is suck

    that LIEK A BOSS!!


    Dark: wait a min...

    Agile: wat?

    Dark: (Murder Agile)

    Agile: AGHHHHHH!!!


    a dark enemy

    im playing laser tycoon after build factory james coming it was james said "U NOOB" me said "U NOOB"

    im gonna rekt james but fail james said "…

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  • Dark MC Kairo

    when met david......

    and he said 

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