The flying fish Aka the dead finder is very likely O.P

So to find one go to and find a copied place.. after that chant 'The flying fish' 20 times then you see the effects.. 1.leaderboard keep glitching 2.Players rapidly quit the game 3.Textures glitch and misplacement of blocks As you notice the effects you are the only one in the server if you see 4 holes each hole represents the forums.. 1.Atr aka Heaven 2.Home aka Purgatory 3.O.T aka real life 4. Flying fish.Exe aka hell if you picked the first you will receive the following 1.You are granted money and wealth and reputation and the popularity above all.. will just wake up from your computer because you sleep and forgot the memories of flying fish 3.all the traces of everything happend reverted where you joined will see that your account received a warning 'the flying fish will haunt you 4ever There in a rare occasion there will be a 5th portal leading to a black place with a giant head looking at every direction you face if you manage to look at it for very long time you will receive a crash then your desktop will be shown as a flying fish of the dead...then every trace you did reverted after you restart the computer...

.Note,This is not meant to be real don't pee your pants if you actually did im so sorry for you,This is not real Ok

@flying fish copyright dec.24-Today@ Merry christmas! :>

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