Well, I decided to use the blog feature and actually do something with all the knowledge I have about my favourite map. W.I.P, but I expect to be done in a couple days if I have enough time.

First, basic map knowledge. On this map there are 5 supply kits (possible spawn of molotovs, grenades, medkits, pills) 4 ammo boxes, and a bunch of gas can spawn points. Most commonly you will find one group of about 3-4 in one spot, and 1-2 spread around the map.

Ammo Box Locations:

Screenshots needed.

Supply Box Locations:

Screenshots needed.

Gas Can Spawn Points:

Screenshots needed.

This map is very open, and is a very good map for people who are good with the chinalake (wide open areas allow you to not damage yourself in enclosed spaces, good ammo box placements for just spamming at camps). It is also very good for guns like the AK47 and the Thompson, which has a good strategy to work with which I will talk about later.

Melee weapons are going to be a must on this map if you have the AK47 or the Thompson, unless you are going to be outside the big mansion.

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