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Quote1.png It was you all right! I remember the taste of my blood! You always make me taste my blood! Quote2.png

Quote1.png You shot me in the leg! How will I walk...oh, just like your daughter. Good one, Commissioner! (laughing) Quote2.png
--The Joker[src]

Quote1.png I did it! I finally killed Batman! In front of a bunch of vulnerable, disabled kids!!!! Now get me Santa Claus! Quote2.png

Quote1.png C'mon-c'mon, I want you to do it, I wanchatdodoit. Hit me, HIT ME! Quote2.png
--Joker (New Earth)[src]

Batman: The Killing Joke

Quote1.png Any man can have one really bad day and end up just like me. Quote2.png
--The Joker[src]

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Quote1.png Parting is such sweet sorrow, dearest. Still, you can't say we didn't show you a good time. Enjoy yourself out there... in the asylum. Just don't forget -- if it ever gets too tough... there's always a place for you here. Quote2.png
--The Joker

Quote1.png Oh, the irony! Me, flying out from the darkness--like a bat. You know what I love about the darkness, Batman? I can see my reflection in it. My face is the face of the deep. And it goes on forever. What do you see? Do you see your reflection? Is that why you sit in the darkness? Answer me! When you stare at the darkness, does it stare back at you? Quote2.png

Quote1.png Ahh, it's about time. And the earth was without form, and void--and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And I said, Let there be light! I saaaaid...LET THERE BE LIGHT! Well. This is taking longer than expected. Perhaps the Bat is slowing down in his old age-- Quote2.png