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Hello, I'm Thowardz. I'm just a R2D player who know what to do in the game. But still pretty dumb. Also my Username in Roblox is Also Thowardz.

If you want to call me for short. Call me Thow.

Why do you waste your time editing this lame profile?

I dunno, too much free time I guess?

How old are you?

Man, it's kinda rude for you to ask me that. Spreading my real life information to internet can lure myself virus spyware or what so ever. Are you a hacker? Hey... WERE YOU THE ONE WHO CORRUPTED MY POKEMON ROM THAT HAD A SHINY RARE CATERPILLER?! YOU LITTLE BI-

*cough* *cough* *sob* *cough*

Well M8, I'll let thing slip for now. I'm 15 years old since 2014. I hope you're happy.

Thowardz's Gem.jpg

What Iz that drawing thing inside your profile pic? ------->

It's a gem, not my drawing. But my brother. I would draw a worse one than that.

Why are you F2P player?

Cuz my parents won't allow any money to be paid just for games. No, never. And I'm also a good son. Better than whoever stole mom&dad credit cards at least.