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About me

My name is The Lord Epic. You can tell me as my ROBLOX Name: I'm BlueStrikeRoblox.

We don't have much to talk about me. But... my favourite game on Roblox is Reason 2 die.

Reason 2 die Information

My favourite game is Reason 2 die. This game is a game with Zombies vs Survivors, You have alot of Maps, (15 or Less). The Objetive of Game is depend the Mode: CTF; Capture the flag of the Enemy and give to your team (Zombies vs Survivors). SRV: Survive theres no Objetive it's automatic objetive and you need to Survival and wait to the Rescue. OBJ: Complete objetives to Won. ELI: Elimination Only on ThePort. Hill 100 Zombies to won. BOSS: Hill the boss to won; Get to the Room of Boss and Hill to boss or Die. OBBY: Theres no Obby now, Only theres Halloween Obby. Btw There no boss more. INF: Infection. If you get Touched for a zombie, a fell or a Simple Damage you got Infection and virus is Running on your Body.

Reason 2 die Weapons

You have alot of Weapons to choose but you need buy it. The Most powerfull Weapon is Minigun. There like much weapons. There are all: Minigun, Shotgun, Sniper, Tinpot, Bat, Flamethrower, M16, Handgun (Starter Weapon), Thompson, Ak-47, Rambo Knife, Chinalake, Colt M1877, Crowbar, UZI, M1 Garand, Revolver, Chainsaw and Spas-12.


The Items are Healing, Support, Incendiary, Repair, and Explodes Items.

Support: Hammer.

Incendiary: Molotov.

Healing: Pills, Medic Kit and Cake (Only on events. You say cake to 50 HP From a cake)

Repair: Wrench.

Explosives: Pipebomb, C4, Grenade, Mine and Halloween bomb (Only on halloween event).

You can get Grenade, Medic kit, Pills or Molotov in Supplies Box.


There are 6 Types of Vests. Fireproof Vest , Flak vest, Officer Vest, Military Vest, Standard Vest and Halloween Vest (Only on Halloween Event)

Fireproof Vest: This vest Ignore Fire 100%

Flak vest: Got a 90% Blast Resistence, Good for Chinalake or Explosives.

Officer vest: This vest got 150 HP more , Fireproof and 45% Blast Resistence.

Military Vest: This vest got 100 HP More and 45% Blast Resistence.

Standard Vest: This vest give you 50 HP.

Halloween Vest: This vest got 50 HP and Fireproof. (Only in Halloween Event)


If you die or you Spawn as a Zombie, You have Specials Zombie and you buy it.

  • Firebreather: Can be buy with 145$ and Kill Reward is 20$
  • Crawler: Can be buy with 20$ and Kill Reward is 20$ (C4 Crawler cost 100$ C4 is Only Live Store of Zombies)
  • Boomer: Can be buy with 15$ and Kill Reward is 20$
  • Smoker: Can be buy with 65$ and Kill Reward is 30$
  • Zombie: You can spawn a Lot of this, Kill Reward is 10$
  • Hunter: Can be buy with 60$ and Kill Reward is 30$
  • Tank: Can be buy with 300$ and Kill Reward is 100$
  • Soul Fetcher: Theres a Halloween's Zombie Minion of Lord Pumpkin
  • Duck: Needs a Support Pass
  • Cavebat: Can be buy with 50$ and Kill Reward is 20$


Like zombies but they are More Powerfull. Cannot Control by a Zombie.

King Cake: Is a Giant Slice of a Strawberry and Chocolate Cake was Released on v30 and going in v31 and Back on v36.

Lord Pumpkin: Is a Giant Pumpkin and If you beat him you got 1000$ (If you got Halloween vest) and If you beat him for first time you got Halloween Vest. Was Released on v36 and Now going in v40

Need Help?

Press F to Open/Close Door. Press Shift to Reload in a Ammo table.

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