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Welcome to my profile! I'm XaocDrache, Reason 2 Die Moderator and Wikia Chat Moderator.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about Reason 2 Die! I'm usually online the chat or hanging around the website while I attend to other things. If you have a question or just want to discuss some things, please don't hesitate to send me a message on my ROBLOX Account.

A bit about me: I enjoy playing Reason 2 Die along with other apocalyptic games on ROBLOX. Games are meant to be enjoyed, so I try to enforce the rules that would prevent others from ruining the fun of Reason 2 Die. I enjoy receiving messages from my fellow community members, but I prefer that the messages remain Reason 2 Die or ROBLOX related as my personal life is no one's business except my own.

Drakonov Family Emblem

I REALLY enjoy playing Reason 2 Die with my Drakonov family. We usually call ourselves the "Mod. Squad" or "Drakonov Vanguards" while playing and each of us have our own specific role in the game which usually results in victory. Want to join our squad? Join the Drakonov Family today and join us in Reason 2 Die!


Current Reason 2 Die Stats:

Rank: 24

Favourite weapon: Spas-12

Favourite side-arm: M1877 Colt (slowly gaining more favour in the rambo knife)

Favourite tactic: I usually stay in capable groups so that I'm not targeted as often and I can rely on them to assist me when I am; however, I also like to use the China Lake and go soloist as I blast away zombies one by one.