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Pretty much what I want everyone to be like.

Who I am

I'm a person with a liking of video games, I do want many people to be all nice and loving to others(not in an OD'ing way), and for people to not be a complete asshole. Anyways, I had lots of fun on Roblox, despite the updates being really bad. I'm always trying to be a happy guy, trying to be a happy-go-happy(is that how you say it?) person. I'm not popular in any way, but I do wish to be "kind of" popular(not completely because sometimes people would just swarm you with fanboyism). It does sound like it doesn't make any sense, but hey, that's me sometimes. Even though I wanted everyone to be all nice and happy to others, Roblox isn't one of them. Roblox's god damn community is just... Terrible. I mean, they all swear, and be immature brats to each other(well, 75% of the community I mean, because some I met are nice). I'm a big fan of Nintendo, especially Pokémon. I enjoy the PC, Xbox One(I tried the Xbone, it fits my game style well on the console world), Wii, 3DS, and the PS3. I'm not a big fan of Sony, but the consoles are okay(but the Sony community is like Call of Duty's).

What to do now...

Maybe, I might try to leave Roblox for a little while. No, I'm not leaving, I'm just taking a break from Roblox for a certain amount of time. That's all.

Things I like

  • Pokemon
  • Anime
  • Video games
  • Doge
  • Fast-paced games

My Top 10 favorite games

  1. Terraria
  2. Super Smash Bros. For the 3DS
  3. Pokemon Heartgold
  4. Dust: An Elysian Tail
  5. PAYDAY 2
  6. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  7. This War of Mine
  8. GTA V
  9. Fallout: New Vegas
  10. Watch_Dogs

A little something to say

I want to say, I really, really enjoyed being with all of the contributors in the Wikia, even if rough times happens. It's a place that feels safe, but sometimes 'hostile'. Now I'm not saying I'm going to leave, it's just I appreciate all of you in the Wikia ever since I joined this Wikia. It makes me laugh, and be happy, it's what I wanted a lot of people to be, and this is one of the places. While it has some dunce people like Jamar, people like him would as well be ignored. Also, because of the crazy ban of people having intimidating behavior, and leaving the wikia, it's becoming the opposite, but things might go back to normal after R2DA is released. If people that are leaving would be let back to the wikia in a few weeks/months after, it wouldn't be so bad. Even though Krieg would leave the entire Wikia forever. Right now, despite it made plenty of smiles and laughs, it's a dark time to happen...

More info

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