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Hello, I am Ed Beacham from HoH SiS. I've been shimming it off and taking a shit on the house for quite a long time now.

You want a JoJ done, call HoH SiS. Then Wesley will do it fifteen times over again. We'll make sure you're 100% unsatisfied.

But I can tell you're not convinced and this isn't actually what I do for a living. To be serious, my part here is to be a cynical killjoy who's aware that level-headed people are only 5% of the contributors here. If you're tired of the generic short-fuse users who try to be macho men that inhabit this wiki, then you probably want to see someone different, right?

P.S. Jopede's a moron. I always knew that. But what always astonishes and reassures me is that no matter how low a low point in life can get, I can never be dumber than him. And I'm not saying this in spite of the ban I actually deserved, but rather the behavior he demonstrates to everyone else.