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ChosyXKrieg A "fan"fiction of the R2D wikia's best couple. Not made by me, but made by the legendary L&K and others. 

Part 1. The Abduction. Chosy had lived alone for quite some time. Moderating over some server of R2D. He had experienced many things as a mod but none were as terrifying and titillating as what was about to happen. As he went around, flaunting his beard. He attracted the feelings of a certain gal...

Chosy sat their sipping his cup of hot coffee as he sat at his moderator table, stroking his beard. As he was looking at the screen of his computer, he felt something gently stroking his beard. It was Love and Krieg. (L@K). He jerked back in surprise but her hands were stuck in his beard. This only caused pain as the hand caused great resistance when he did his jerk.

He glared in anger as he started to get L@k's fist out of his beard. She chuckled due to the tickling sensation of his beard gently scraping against her hand. She blushed as Chosy gave her the stink eye as he continued to try to dislodge the hand.

Eventually, her hand was dislodged for she could no longer continue with the sensation and Chosy called Security in to remove L@K. As the security grappled onto both of her arms to drag her out, she shouted... "Chosy, you will be mine!" Chosy just ignored this, thinking it was just a crazed fan... Little did he know, it would not be the end....

As chosy headed home, he could have sworn he heard the pitter patter of her footsteps, slowly following him home. As he was nearing the large hedges near his house, 2 arms came out of the bush and started to pull him in. He struggled frantically to break free of the hands coming from the bush. As he waved around, his bare flesh was being sliced by the thorny branches, spikey leafs. Eventually, the hands let go and he ran home.

In his house, he sat in his room, applying the bandages. As he wrapped them around, he started to get flashbacks. It all made sense now. He had been getting weird emails and phone calls which all read, "Chosy you will be mine!" Right before he put on his sleeping mask, he heard rustling by the spikey scrubs near the window. He thought he saw a figure by the window. He ran over, tripping over a box lying on the ground. He than staggered back to his soft fluffy bed as he dismissed the sighting. As he slowly slid on the sleep mask, he saw a figure near his closet. At this point, he thought his lack of sleep was taking a toll on him, he settled down and sank into his bed for a well deserved sleep....

Around 30 minutes after he had laid down, he heard the closet creek open. He dismissed it as the wind outside and continued to attempt to go back to sleep. As he started to drift off, he felt something, someone massaging his wounds. He tried to catch the "thing" by surprise as he waited for the right moment to yank off the mask and grab the "thing". As the massage went on, he was slowly losing the will to end it but after a couple of minutes, he turned over and yanked off his mask rapidly.

As he did it, she ran off and bolted for the door. Chosy, still groggy from the massage, took off a bit slower but the chase was on. They ran through the hall as she was looking for an exit. She than ran into a room, thinking it would lead to an exit but it turned out to be a bathroom. However, there was a small window above the toilet. She climbed onto the toilet but forgot that Chosy did not put the seat down, she lost her footing and her legs fell into the toilet. Due to the noise, Chosy knew exactly where she was. She then looked around for anything to use to defend herself, she found a bucket. She than dunked the bucket into the toilet and waited.

As Chosy slowly made is way up. She tried to climb up again but this time, she put the seat down. As she opened the window, Chosy burst through the door. She than picked up the bucket and splashed the water onto Chosy. Chosy had no idea what he was hit with even as some of it flew into his mouth. He spasmed in rage as he tried to dry himself in an attempt to get the water out of his eyes.

She slowly started to climb and crawl out of the small window. As half of her body was through the window, she felt something grab onto her long sock cladded legs. Chosy was furiously tugging on them. It was hard for him for her legs were soaked in the toilet water. She started to laugh due to the sensation of chosy's fingers brushing against her legs. Eventually, due to the strain, the socks eventually slipped off and she managed to crawl out. Chosy just sat there, staring out the window, holding both socks in each hands, screaming in rage.

The next day at the R2D head quarters, Chosy went to his seat to prepare for another day of moderating. As he went to turn on the computer, he noticed a sign taped to the screen of his computer. The note read:

Dear Chosykins. I hope you don't mind that the water was toilet water<3 You will be mine. I love you.

He than got up and took the paper to Zih. Zih just laughed at Chosy's claim that someone was after him. He than walked to his seat, filled with rage and anger. As he sat down once again, his chair broke into every piece it was made out of. He than found a note saying:

I know where you work<3 I could be anywhere.

As Chosy sat at his table eating his lunch, he was looking around, cautious that Krieg could appear at any moment. He went on through the rest of the day, glancing around at every 5 minutes and refusing to interact with some of the newer mods, fearing she might be one of them.

He than begged Place to ride in his "Free mod inside" fan to be able to be dropped off at his house so he could not be ambushed on the way home. As he left the Van, Place gave him a worried look and then drove away. Chosy feared for his sanity/life at this point. As he opened the door, grappling hooks shot out of the darkness. As they wrapped around him, dragging him into the darkness, he screamed hoping that Place would hear his voice.

It was too late. He was slowly dragged into the basement... He was then bound to a bed, his bed... The basement had been transformed. He no longer recognized his own house's room. He than realised that he had not visited the basement for a long time and the thought that L@K was camping in his house crossed his mind...

In the corner of the room, he could see a voodoo doll made to look like him, a jar of his beard shavings, and a bucket... He then saw a figure he thought was a doll sitting in the corner get up. It was L@k. She then picked up the bucket and slowly walked toward Chosy. He struggled as she slowly approached with the bucket. "No, no no!" She than tipped the bucket and he was doused with extremely cold water with chunks of dry ice. He screamed due to the sudden surge of coldness entering his system. He lay there spasming and sinking into his soft bed... The bed felt softer than before... She then climbed on and started to cuddle him. He eventually collapsed due to his lack of sleep and slept...

He woke up the next morning to see a meal of military rations prepared for him. He laid there as he was spoon fed the rations. After being force fed, he asked if he was able to leave only to be replied a stern "no".

2 Days passed as he was held "hostage" in his own house being cared for by L@k. The staff at the R2D headquarters finally started to wonder why Chosy wasn't showing up... They eventually dismissed it as a sickness...

How long would it take before the mods find out.

How much longer will Chosy be with Krieg.

Find out in the next installment of...

ChosyXKrieg part 2

ChosyXKrieg part 2.

"Hammer of the gods"

Eventually Love had to leave to go to work in order to fund her life and Chosy's. She had a job in a small "bakery". Her job was to make and bake cakes to be sold as health items to boost vitality. Everyday she would bring back a slice and tell Chosy that she was busy baking something big... What could it be...

As the day passed, Love would leave to go work at the bakery to work on baking more cakes. Eventually, the staff at the headquarters decided to mount a search party for Chosy. Love knew they were coming so she started to fortify the house incase anyone came to look for them. She had already parked her car in the backyard incase she and Chosy had to make a quick escape. She had placed landmines near the front door and in the halls incase anyone was going to bust in.

It was the weekend now. Krieg sat next to Chosy as she was washing chosy by rubbing him with a sponge on a stick. She made sure the sponge got every crevice. He had a very disgruntled look on his face as she dragged the sponge around his more sensitive parts. As she finished cleaning him, she dressed Chosy and left to go grab the tooth brush.

As she was going upstairs, she heard a car pull up the drive way, they were coming. "Search warrant!" Love then ran back downstairs and untied Chosy from the bed. She then dragged Chosy to the escape vehicle while he was still recovering from the intense rub down from the sponge.

She throws Chosy into the back of the car as she speeds off to the cake factory. She then tied Chosy to a nearby chair and continued to work on more cakes. Chosy noticed that something was wrong. Why was there a large cake mold that was much larger than him and nearly the size of a van. While Chosy puzzled, Love turning on the conveyer belt and pouring in large amounts of flour and egg yolks. As they were poured in, she walked to the far side to pull over a large length of hose. She then turned it on only to be sprayed by the water that flew out of the large bowl due to the power of the water.

"Chosy, I'm all wet<3"

He just glared as her damp clothing emphasized her features. She then started to mix the sticky mixture with a large 2X4. After her arms got tired, she opened a hatch at the bottom of the large bowl and huge chunks of dough started to drop onto the conveyer belt. At this point, Chosy managed to cut through the thin ropes with his nails like wolverine. He then made a mad dash at Love and pushed her onto the conveyer belt.

Before she could get up, a blob of the dough falls onto her body pinning her down. She desperately clawed to get the blob off but then, another one falls. She cries out for Chosy to help her but he just watches as her body becomes a large mess of dough. At this point, she is just glued to the conveyer belt as she and the rest of the dough fall into the large bowl which was almost full. 1/4th of her body stuck out of the top as she flayed her hands waiting for Chosy to lift her out.

Chosy then hit the red button which released some yeast into the mold. As the yeast rained down, she started to plead for him to get her out. He just watched as the dough slowly started to rise engulfing her body. After all of the yeast was dumped, a stirring stick mounted on the top of the ceiling started to stir the large batter to smooth out the mix. The stick pounded the mix and swirled around, bumping and stabbing at her body. She screamed in pain as she flayed what part of her body that was left.

Eventually, she ran out of energy and sank deeper into the mix. Then, the heater at the bottom turned on and the cake started to bake. As the mix heated up, Chosy heard her scream his name begging to be freed. Eventually, the screaming stopped and the cake was dumped out of the mold and onto a large plate. Frosting was later added onto the cake and a cherry was placed on top. At this point, Chosy realised what he had done. He had just activated the King cake and he gave it the power source it needed. Love's poor body. He slowly moved toward the exit as a large crown was put onto the cherry.

As it happened, a deafening loud bang was heard and the phrase. "Hammer of the gods." He bolted out the door and started to run. He had no idea how to get home. He had no idea where he was. He just knew he had to do one thing. Run as far away from the King Cake as possible. As he ran, cakes rained down from the sky and exploded around him, the concussive blast threw him around as he continued to run.

He needed a way to stop the king cake, but how.

To be continued.

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