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Hi guys! My name is Bryarcole, and I love this Wikia! So anyways I joined the Wikia when I saw the Desc of the R2D on Roblox. I was like, "I shall join the Wikia!" so I decided to join the wikia, and it lead me to where I am now! After I created an account, I found the wonderful community and R2D had a ton of udates! I shall try my best to not get Banned. Well thats about it, I think I will list some things about me now. :3

  • I prefer to be called Bryar, or Bry instead of Cole
  • I will defend my point of view, and I like to have the "last laugh".
  • I sometimez uze dis language cuz i liek to tr0ll peeps.
  • I am Christian, not afraid to say it. :D

Thats pretty much it! Thanks for visiting meh profile page guys, I am very active so feel free to post on my message wall! (I check the Wikia once a day)


  • 3rd to complete the Buried Alive map with proof! c:
  • Rekt Irrssin when he was tank buying
  • Lost my stats 3 times! <3 (Thanks a lot Modem! (-_-*).
  • Was Frank Sinatra 4 times! :D

How to Contact me

So if you are looking for a way to contact me then look no more! There is a TON of ways to contact me, I have Skype, Steam, and Twitter! c:

Skype Username: Bryarcole771

Steam: Hiddeninplainsight7

Twitter: @Bryarcole7

Special Moments

This guy was raging because I kept flinging off the map with my Chinalake when he kept Tank Buying! LOL! XD

Frank Sinatra! :D

[[File:R2D- I'm Frank Sinatra 4th time|thumb|330x330px|I'm Frank Sinatra for the 4th time! :D[[File:R2D- Frank Sinatra|thumb|330x330px|My friend is Frank Sinatra! :D


Roblox Winning Buried Alive

I won Buried Alive by using a Grenade, and a Flak Vest! :D


Bugs and Glitches I've encountered