Twitter Redeem Codes are codes obtained from PlaceRebuilder's Twitter account, @XelPixels. Both R2D and XBOX R2D codes are listed. You put the code where it says "Twitter Redeem-Code".


R2D Codes

These codes can be redeemed at anytime and do not expire.

Code Reward Amount Saved
CQ34BEN 10x Medkits 500$
JHJ38E 1 session of Earbuds N/A
U8RWA2 5x Ice Vests 600$
WQE4TY7 15x Pills 300$
G3RN4DE 30x Clusternades 1,800$
4NDR3W 1x Baseball 5$

XBOX Codes

These codes can only be redeemed 24 hours after release.

Date Code Reward
27th January 2016 XT52J Unknown
XBOX Powerup
XT52J Unknown
28th January 2016 ATX22F Unknown
29th January 2016 UBTCQC Unknown
30th January 2016 BOMBOM Unknown
1st February 2016 ONEUP 4x EXP (Most Likely)
3rd February 2016 RUNNER ?x ENRGY
4th February 2016 CHJI45 ?$
5th February 2016 FREECSH ?$
6th February 2016 RWE411 ?x Medkits
8th February 2016 JK356 2x Health
9th February 2016 WOBBLE ?x Medkits
11th February 2018 UIBEOR ?x Hammers
13th February 2018 WK3MN1 Unknown
14th February 2018 ATKJAR Unknown
23rd February 2016 USORBR 4x EXP
26th February 2016 ROBOT1 Unknown
HKW552 4x EXP
3rd March 2016 UTOH24 Unknown
WOOPLT Unknown
4th March 2016 CHECK 2x EXP
8th March 2016 OWNTKL Unknown
10th March 2016 TOPTOP Unknown
13th March 2016 OHAOS 4x EXP
23rd March 2016 POQWKE ?x Medkits
POQ22E Powerup
4th April 2016 NOWAY1 Unknown
NOWAY2 Unknown
NOWAY3 Unknown
13th April 2016 JPPOD Unknown
16th April 2016 TREJHG ?x Pipebombs
15th May 2016 RYRYE Unknown
IJOEE Unknown
RROTE Unknown
OKPR3 Unknown
OUIOUI Unknown
6th June 2016 WWK43 ?x Pipebombs
3rd September 2016 FREESTUF Unknown
PWRUP Unknown
Unknown IOJRL2 ?x Grenades


When an XBOX code is release, it is accompanied with a banner.

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