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The turret is an auto aiming, shotgun firing weapon that can be bought in Live Store. It has 50 rounds, infinite range (although it's unlikely this is going to kill something beyond 100 studs), a 0.5 to 2 second delay between shots and can be replenished/fixed with the Wrench.


  • The Turret deals a good amount of damage, being able to instantly kill most special infected if they're hit with the full blast.
  • The Turret is breakable by a zombie, although it does take time if you are doing it by yourself.
  • The Turret can be refilled using the Wrench only if it's damaged or it says "No Ammo".
  • The Turret has no maximum blast value, meaning it can be refilled from anyone's Wrench and infinite amount of times.
  • The Turret will aim at a nearby zombie but the shots can be dodged easily.
    • The Turret will sometimes attempt to shoot far away targets, resulting in a waste of shots, making it pointless to cover a wide area with a single Turret.
  • Be wary that the Turret can only be bought twice per round.
  • The Turret is not targeted by AI Zombies making it safe to put it in the open and it will keep them at bay for awhile.
  • The Turret is set to can-collide so it can be used to block an escape route or as an overpriced stepping stone.
    • Blocking certain escape route is punishable.


  • Before Version 27, the Turret ammo was limited to 150 with no refills.
    • Also before Version 27, this used to cost 150$.
  • This looks exactly like its Blue Turret counterpart, except it has red stripes instead of blue stripes.