ToyFactory is one of the older maps to be added before the overhaul of R2D. First created in 2012, it was re-added as part of the Christmas Event 2014. It was kept as a permanent map after that. The map has the unique feature of giving survivors items mid-round, through gifts found on the conveyor belt. However, this feature was removed after the Christmas Event 2014 ended.


Survivors spawn outside the walls of the toy factory. There is not much around the factory perimeter except a few large gifts, trees and a truss to the roof of the toy factory.

There are two ways into the factory. The blast door entrance behind the factory, where the conveyor belt ends, and inside the perimeter walls. Within ht perimeter walls are more trees and gifts.

Inside the factory, there is a conveyor belt which originates from the control room. It is very hard to walk against it. You can get to the control room through a serious of walkways and ladders.


  • You can click the presents on the conveyor belt to get items such as Pills, Grenades, Molotovs and Medkits.
    • Zooming in when clicking on the presents will glitch your mouse, thus making it unplayable until you reset or die.
      • It can be fixed by pressing "O".
  • Camping on the roof of the factory is an effective way to avoid zombies (since Tanks cannot climb), but this also leaves you vulnerable to Cavebats.


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