The Port is a R2D map that was created and based on the L4D2 map of the same name where survivors had to refuel a generator to lower a bridge to save themselves from the zombies. In Reason 2 Die, however, it is used as a Survival and Elimination map.


Survivors spawn behind a bridge that can't be reached unless you repeatedly jump onto the top. To the right, they can go inside a blue brick building that has 2 floors. Some believe it was used as a bar. It contains a supply box on the second floor in a room nearby.

There is also a white building in which survivors can camp on the roof since there's a place to refill right next to it.

Straight ahead from where you spawn, you see an empty grocery store containing no valuable items. To the left there's 4 buildings, 2 red ones, each containing 1 supply cupboard. The closest one has a generator which was going to be used to run the bridge. The other red building has a place to refill on ammo at the top floor. The white building contains 1 supply box and a few good spots to camp or hide from zombies.



  • The bridge near where survivors spawn used to be inaccessible and could not be climbed without glitching.
  • The Port is based on port finale of sacrifice campaign from Left 4 Dead.
  • The map was originally going to be called The Stud according to the decal name in PlaceRebuilder's inventory.

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