The Tank is one of the special infected in R2D. All Tanks appear to be bigger, stronger and larger then the other zombies. The Tank can be purchased for 300$ and the kill reward is 100$

Tanks. As the name implies, Tanks are devastating, big and tough. The Tank is big shaped and a grey-ish zombie that can create chaos in its wake and throw pure concrete towards its victims, which can, and will, lead to insta-kill if it hits a survivor. Due to its big body, the Tank's shirt cannot be seen so it's considered "ripped-off" from the body mass, but the pants can be seen. They are muscled enough to pack a punch that deals loads of damage towards the survivor and they are unstoppable if they are in a massive group of 3 or more Tanks. They are also a damage sponge, but all Tanks are scared of many things. Some of things are the Minigun, the RPG and the Famas F1. A well time Grenade or Chinalake blast can also fling a Tank off the map. The Tank is considered the devastator class of the game.


Left Mouse Button
Punch Deals 26 damage. Consumes no energy.
F key
Rock Throw Throws a large piece of rock. If the rock isn't broken and it hits a survivor, they are instantly killed. If one of the four fragments hits a survivor, they are tripped. Consumes no energy.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Music announces Tank's arrival.
  • Somewhat distorted Rock Throw.
    • Immobile while throwing rock.
  • Weak against Miniguns and RPGs.
  • Much easier to get hit by bullet spread due to its large size.
  • Can be killed by survivors due to similar walkspeed.


  • Destroys doors, windows and barricades in one hit.
  • Extremely high health.
  • Insta-kill rocks. If not insta-killed you will be tripped on touch.
  • Damaging Punch move.


  • The Tank has resized hats that can be dropped for survivors or other zombies to wear.
  • The Tank has an angry face, one of the few zombies to change your facial expression.
  • The Tank sometimes doesn't have properly coloured arms.
  • The Tank is arguably the most rage-inducing zombie within the game.
    • Buying Tanks is often frowned upon and the term "Tank Buyer" is thrown around a lot.
  • The Tank has his own sound effects on the XBOX version of R2D.
    • Tank scream from XBOX version can be found here.
    • The original scream can be found here.
  • The Tank theme doesn't play on the XBOX version of R2D.

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