• IRL Age: 14
  • RBLX Age: 7 years
  • Bio: I am a smart teenager that loves playing games. I play Reason 2 Die Awakening and I really enjoy it! I love to see that people enjoy alot of games such as Reason 2 Die Awakening but I see a ton of hackers and all that and it truly makes me want to ban them or kick them from the game.
  • Why: The real reason why I want to became a moderator is because I want to keep the game fun for other people to play and I would try my best to keep the Reason 2 Die Awakening and use all the powers I can to keep the game fun and free for all the players!
  • When: I do have school to 7:40 to 2:20 so the best I can do is 16 hours everyday on weekends I can do 24 hours I will try my best to be the really active and go on roblox 24/7
  • How: I will try my best to keep the game safe and fun for the players by promising that your players will have fun everyday and Banning hackers and glitchers who want to ruin the game for others
  • Where: I currently live in New York
  • Activity: On weekdays I would be active for 16 hours and for weekends I would be active for 24 hours.
  • Knowledge: I have played the old version of R2D but I decided to startover to level 5 My secoundary weapon is Fire Axe and well I dont have a primary yet.  The gamemodes are
  •  Rescue [RSC]
  • Survival [SRV]
  • Campaign [CAMP]

Capture the Base [CTB]

Arena [ARN]

  • Gender: My gender is Male
  • Languages:My language is English
  • References:I don't have any references but the shout on the R2D Community group brought me here
  • Past Exp: I was a HR and Modertator in T.V.A (The Viridian Army)
  • Details: I really hope that I will become a Moderatator so players can feel safe a will love the game more because I will make sure there will not be anymore hackers and I love to see the smiling faces in the game when everyones having fun! Also my ROBLOX account name is Reason2DA and yes I am a JOHN ROBLOX Fan!
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