Subway is a Objective map that takes place in a withered, heavily-damaged subway station that is infested with zombies. It was created by coolman65 and EvilCreation and was based on the subway station the survivors traverse in Left 4 Dead.


This map is set, as one might expect, in a subway station. From the decals and images scattered about, it appears to have been a station that was designated as a rally point for picking up survivors. It can also be assumed from the graffiti and other decals, that an earlier group of Survivors had made it to the station before, but had been left to die.

The station is rather complex, with the ticket gates at the lowest part of the station. The stairs up lead to the Radio room. The escalators up lead to parallel subway tracks.


  • Spawn camping is safe when where are less than six zombies, any higher and you will likely be overrun.
  • The enclosed spaces make it the perfect map for the Flamethrower and Spas-12.
  • Do not stand on the tracks when the Subway Train is arriving, the train can kill you if it hits you.
  • Directly below the spawnpoint of the Radio room, are some collapsed pillars. Zombies frequently spawn here.
  • Vents are scattered throughout the map for mobility. Use them to your advantage.
  • The switch in Objective can be hard to activate. Shoot the glass and attempt to activate the switch.
    • If you don't have a Rambo Knife to throw, repeatedly jumping, combined with timing and luck, can be very helpful for activating the power switch.


  • The train will often fling off survivors who are on it, even if they are properly seated.
  • There is one easter egg in a small vent and more in the ticket booths.
  • Subway gets a return in R2DA.

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