The Soul Fetcher is an AI mob spawned only by Lord Pumpkin. It floats and sneaks up on victims to drag them away, usually into the lava.

The Soul Fetcher has the prime goal to drag you into the lava and therefore killing you. Once it grabs a survivor, it will float in random directions, meaning you aren't guaranteed to be killed in lava once you are grabbed.

Its advantage of not colliding with most matter hinders the killing of this mob. However, if it has grabbed a survivor, it collides with matter. The random movement and the fact it hunts in packs also hinders the easy killing of this mob.

Since Soul Fetchers have their health in Breakable value, they are not damaged by items that do not break doors (Flamethrower, Rambo Knife etc).


  • The Soul Fetcher is basically a flying version of the L4D2 Jockey.
  • When you are grabbed, a scream face and a special animation occurs, shown here.
  • Similar to Boo from R2DA.

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