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Snowball Fight

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Christmas Event 2014 only Christmas Event 2014 only Permanent


In Snowball Fight [SBF], survivors wage a deadly fight with Snowballs. Players must kill all or wait for the time to be up. The time limit is 3 minutes. Everyone starts with free Pills and Snowballs.


  • This mode does not spawn Supply Boxes except in Portland.
    • The only way to get items is to loot the Pills that dead survivors drop.
    • The Live Store isn't disabled in this mode, but Grenades and Turrets don't hurt anyone.
  • The Snowball throw is arced and not straight. Adapt to this.
  • Only use the Pills when you are at a low health.
  • You cannot use any Armors.


  • Depending on the time of year, this gamemode can have 1-5 maps playable with this gamemode.
  • Part of the Christmas Event 2014 but it is a permanent gamemode.
  • First PvP gamemode and only one that isn't exclusive.