The Smoker is one of the special infected in R2D. All Smokers appear to have a unique head. The Smoker can be purchased for 65$ and the kill reward is 30$

Smokers, with beautiful teeth, are cigarette-eaters. Okay, that's a lie, but they can grab someone with their mutated tongue from a far distance, disarming the victim and pulling him slowly towards the Smoker. A Smoker can be extremely dangerous if the survivor is alone, which means if he gets you, and no one is around to kill the Smoker for you (unless you have Rambo Knife), and you're bound to die. They do extremely low damage every split second to the survivor they are grabbing, but for a surprise, they deal double the damage as a common Zombie does when they touch survivors. Fast yet weak, the Smoker is a dangerous specie for lone survivors. The Smoker is considered the disarmer class for the game.


Left Mouse Button
Tongue Grab Clicking upon a player will grab them and drag them towards you.
Deals 1 damage per second
Consumes 100 energy.
Humanoid Touch Scratch Deals 20 damage. Consumes no energy.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • You move really slowly during Grab.
  • Grab consumes all energy.
  • Tongue can be broken (with a Rambo Knife) or damaged (with a Chainsaw).


  • Long range grabs.
  • Disarms victim.
    • Cannot stop a survivor from shooting an automatic weapon if they are grabbed while still shooting.
  • Fast speed, easily outpacing survivors.
  • High damage.


  • Some Smokers may be wearing the Fireproof Vest or the Standard Vest (50% chance), meaning that they are more resistant to more damage.
    • This was added in Version 37.
  • The Smoker tongue seems to break when colliding with anything.
  • The Smoker releases green smoke when killed. This is completely harmless.
  • The Smoker was widely used and rage-inducing until the introduction of the Rambo Knife.
  • The Edgar is a rare type of Smoker.

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