Sewers is an Survival map in R2D. As the name suggests, the map takes place in a labyrinth of sewers.


The Sewers is a map that consists of two sections, Sectors 1 and 2, which are connected by several pathways. Between the two sectors are two hallways, a lower and a higher hallway. The lower section can be directly accessed by a door gate that cannot be broken, or by hallways connecting the two sections to the main hallway. The zombie spawns are often heavily camped by Survivors.


  • Only 3 items spawn in this map and no supply boxes appear. One item on the Sector 2 bridge, another right next to an ammo table near Sector 2 and one hidden in the back of the map.
  • As a survivor, you must be careful anywhere around the map, killing any zombies you see. Oftentimes survivors will spawnkill, seeing as the place is in tight quarters.
    • For close quarter combat, use the Flamethrower and Spas-12.
    • Due to the spawnkilling, a Boomer is a very good zombie to counter.
  • Avoid wandering the halls alone as a survivor. Zombies could appear out of nowhere or around a corner.
    • As a zombie, you can use tight corners to your advantage by ambushing survivors.
  • Refill ammunition whenever possible!
    • Camping at ammo tables could be useful for the long run.
  • Be careful with your own explosives, you might get caught in the explosion.
    • If you are careful, the C4 and Mine can be useful here.


  • There are rumours that the map are the sewers beneath the New Bloxcoast.
  • This is the first map in R2D to not have supply boxes.
    • DeadPlaza is the first to not have supply boxes or item spawns.
  • Sewers made a return in R2DA.

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