The Rules Applies for All R2D Members

  1. Do not Hack. All players that hack will be banned for a suitable ammount of days depending from the exploit.
  2. Do not Hide Glitches. Glitches are bad, and always needs to be patched. If you found one, please PM a R2D Admin immediatly. Do not hide them.
  3. Do not Votekick War. Votekicks are used with a reason, not to be abused.
  4. Do not Provoke Errors. Attempting to create a Glitch only ruins gameplay for everyone.
  5. Do not Create Scam Announcements. Creating and announcening T-Shirts related to R2D that gives 'unexistent' abilities such as Admin, are considered Scam, and can lead to future consequences.
  6. Do not Play on Broken Servers. Do not stay on a broken server, since they are unplayable and must be taken down to allow new servers from opening.
  7. Do not Spam Chat. Do not spam chat, if you spamming chat you will be banned.

Please agree with the following rules before entering this Wikia.

1 - I will not disobey the rules listed below. I understand that I will get punished by intentionally breaking them.

2 - Don't be racist. No one cares if you don't like black or white people. As long as you be friendly and get along with the differences, you'll be good.

3 - Don't post suspicious websites. If they are not known and/or contains malwares, don't post it.

4 - Don't use profanity. As long as you respect others, they'll respect you aswell.

5 - Don't share pornography. This is mainly a Wikia for kids or underage, but only because there are some adults doesn't gives you the right to destroy the kid's infancy.

6 - Don't disrespect administrators. If they did something, understand that they did what's right. And if you disrespect them, you're just asking to be banned.

7 - Don't create pointless pages. If you want a page to be listed as a helpful page and even protected, don't put trash pages. They'll get deleted, along with your innocence.

8 - Don't be a grammar nazi. That'll be a pointless thing, since they'll discover how to spell it right on their own later.

9 - Don't be all-superior. Only because you know more than others, doesn't gives you the right to make people feel like trash. Be as much kind as you can!

10 - Don't make a discussion on the wrong board. There are multiple boards on the Forum Page because we want it to be organized.

11 - Don't vandalize unprotected pages. If you want to mess around, think twice what will happen once you do it.

12 - Don't spam. Spamming is annoying, no one likes it, and you're going to make everything worse... for you. Trust me.

13 - Don't repost deleted content. If what you did was deleted, then it was deleted with a reason. We don't want you reposting over and over.

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