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Reason 2 Die is a mobile and tablet compatible game. There are some advantages, and some drawbacks while using such devices. Special buttons are used to allow for the compatibility.


Old Interface
Old Tablet R2D.png

In the top left corner, the menu button can be visible. The menu button was changed sometime late-August 2014.

The unlock/lock button fixes your camera. Locking it means the general elevation will remain the same. You can still rotate it.

The reload button reloads your weapon. If you are at an ammo station, it will refill it. There was a time period where the reload and door buttons where in the top right corner.

The door button will open/close doors.

Use the analog to move around. Use the jump button to jump.

To fire/use item, tap the screen in the general area.

New Interface

The buttons have become compressed and moved to the right hand side of the screen.

A run button has been added; previously, mobile users could not run.

As well as the new interface, specialised buttons for zombies, menus etc. have been added. Instead of the three buttons, there was an action button to use special abilities.

Mobile users are given aimbot to compromise for it being hard to aim on mobile. Aimbot is disabled in Free For All and Boss Fights.
Many controls are simplified, with an action button instead of lettered keys. Useful to newbies to the Tank and Elemental. Snowballs in Snowball Fight Rounds can glitch out.
You can jump back up when stunned or tripped. You cannot buy stuff from the Live Store.
It's easy to shoot whenever you're moving. You cannot use certain items.
You're still available to use the Chinalake and the RPG. There are no Combat buttons. Mixed Martial Arts is impossible to win on mobile.
Due to the aimbot, it's easy to get Cash & EXP. Lots of lag can occur if the sound option is left on, possibly resulting in a game crash.
It is not that hard to Rambo jump. Weapon hopping was impossible, when it was available.
The Hunter can be easily used. The Smoker is very hard to use.
You can shoot Hunters and Smokers whenever you're pinned. (Just jump, then hold the fire button.) You'll have to go in first person to shoot AI Zombies.
Opening doors are easier if you are new to the game. You cannot use the Bunny.
Reloading from ammo stations is easier if you are new to the game. You cannot use the Groups feature due to the compressed lobby screen.


  • Holdout is very laggy and can crash your game.
    • Large maps in general will lag.
  • Player vs Player gamemodes are quite hard on mobile, due to the removal of aimbot and the inability to use Combat.


  • Through late 2014 to early 2015, mobile players were complaining about being stuck up in the sky.
  • Before the "RUN" button was added, there was no run button.
    • This existed from September 2014 to December 2014.
  • In Version 42, the mobile menu, loading screen and survivor interface was implemented. To enable this, it had to be done so through the settings.
    • The zombie interface was added in Version 43. The ability to use the special skill was added for all mobs in Version 50.
    • In Version 51a, the mobile icon was added to the lobby screen, indicating to those that said player was a mobile player.
    • Finally, in Version 55, the mobile store was added. Before this, you could not buy anything on mobile.
  • When SWAGER21 was playing with PlaceRebuilder, he told him that phone gameplay really sucked but got astonished when place said "I gave them aimbot".