Protect The King




Protect The King [PTK] is a gamemode whereby survivors must protect their king at all costs as if he dies, everyone else dies. The King is randomly chosen amongst all survivors. Time limit is 5 minutes.


  • Kings can easily be identified from a unique crown. Accessories on that player's avatar will be removed to show just the crown.
  • As a zombie, you want to target the king and ignore other people, unless they are in the way, to end the game quickly.


  • PlaceRebuilder has a 50% chance to be the king.
  • This gamemode has been the source of major trolling due to the fact the survivors are reliant on the king.
    • If the king leaves the server, survivors lose.
  • This gamemode was remade in R2DA as The President. Instead of a King, you have to protect President Donald Trump.
  • There was a glitch where the king can exit the server and it would be an endless round because there was no king to kill. This was later fixed.

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