The Private Jet is a rescue vehicle used in Campfire Chaos. It appears shortly after you find the Teddy Bear during Objective. It will wait for 1 minute before lifting off.


  • You can block the door with planks from the Hammer and Turrets.
    • This is, however, despised upon by many as it will prevent others from winning the round.
    • Additionally, this was punished by the kill command used by a moderator.
  • Camping inside the Private Jet is not recommended as you become a magnet for Tanks and Elementals.
    • With a well place ice-drop, it is almost certain you will lose. Bring the Christmas Vest or Ice Vest to counter.


  • During the Christmas Event 2014, the plane didn't take off or land. Instead it would spawn out of nowhere and would remain rested until the survivors win.
  • This vehicle returned to R2DA.

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