Portland is a Reason 2 Die map that takes place in an abandoned town. It has four gamemodes plus a seasonal one. The gamemode most fondly remembered on this map is Protect The King as this is the only map to support it.


There are many buildings in Portland, some buildings are destroyed, and others have interiors. The map also features a bridge where zombies will spawn, above the zone where survivors spawn. Survivors can use the Rambo Knife to get on top of the bridge and on to the tallest building's roof.


  • In Protect The King, a good strategy is to surround the king because all zombies will be aiming for him.
  • One of the buildings are very useful for camping in. Just make sure you have bought a Hammer and Turrets.
    • Camping elsewhere is also an option, since there are many open buildings in the map.
      • Ammo stations are plentiful, there probably won't be any unnecessary worrying about being low on ammo.
      • If you want, you can camp on the open street next to the ammo station.
  • The open spaces make it the perfect place for the Minigun and Thompson.


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