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Place's Firework, also know as the PlaceWork, was a firework item that was released in v48 and is equipped in the event slot. When launched, it explodes and creates PlaceRebuilder's face along with a bunch of explosions, disappearing in a few seconds. This item is no longer available, not being obtainable after January 2nd.

How To Obtain

There were 2 ways of getting it:

  1. Buy it with 45 Robux in the robux section of the store.
  2. Kill 10 Tanks in one game session. Leaving a server will reset your Tank kills to 0.


  • Does absolutely nothing but it's quite the limited edition item.
  • Try not to leave the game when trying to get this. You will reset your tank kills.
    • This still applies if your game crashes.


  • The PlaceWork is the first item to ever include a specific player, PlaceRebuilder.
  • This is the first firework and event item that can be bought with Robux.
  • This is the hardest firework to be obtained. The FW8M firework was obtained by killing 1 Tank and the Kazoomka could be bought with 100$. The PlaceWork, however, could be obtained without Robux only by killing 10 Tanks in one playing session.