So flashy! So red! So explosive! So beepy! No wonder why zombies are so attracted to this weapon. And that price. Man, every two seconds, you go the other way to which you are walking. Tanks are vulnerable to those Miniguns and Boomers, well they explode.


  • The Pipebomb lures all zombies, not only the ones that are near it.
    • Before bugfix v37, this was also able to pull in bosses such as King Cake.
  • This doesn't disable jump so zombies can jump to resist the pull of the Pipebomb.
  • The Pipebomb doesn't affect Smokers that are grabbing someone, so make sure to kill them.


  • The Pipebomb is often used to lure hordes of zombies away.
  • The Pipebomb model is similar to a flash grenade.
    • Indeed, in R2DA, the model is used for the Flash.
  • The Pipebomb made a return in R2DA.

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