Yes, the most favourite item of all time is here. Taking a high amount of pills in real life will probably kill you but in R2D, who cares about logic? Overdoses do not kill you here but zombies may so you know... Take these pills for a cheap price tag that is reasonably sound.


  • Pills can be given to other survivors by using RMB near them.
  • Pills beat Medkits in hordes since Medkits will make you stop and leave you open to attacks.
  • Pills can be consumed quickly while moving around.
    • They however, take time to be consumed.
  • Pills can be found in Supply Boxes or can be bought once in the live store.


  • Pills do not heal permanently as the extra HP decreases overtime.
  • Pills can be used twice to give you health that does not decrease.
  • Pills sometimes fail to heal when the survivor is being attacked.
  • If Pills are in your inventory, it will appear by your side on your character.
  • The Pills made a return in R2DA but with a new name.
    • They have since been renamed as Vitamins in R2DA.
  • It is unknown if the Pills will be removed or renamed in the XBOX version.

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