Outskirts is an R2D Map. It has Survival and Elimination.

It is located between the city of New Bloxcoast and the Blackfield Station. This theory is proven by a sign on a truss, opposite of the survivors' spawn, on the bridge, which says, "Train Station Parking Next Left" and, "Blackfield 9 Miles". Another piece of evidence is that there are some skyscrapers positioned behind the mountains that can be reached as a Cavebat.


Survivors find themselves spawning in the parking lot of a small building called Eric's Groceries. This parking lot is adjacent to an asphalt road coming from a tunnel. The road continues into a destroyed bridge hanging over water.

Staying on this side of the map, survivors can enter the grocery store. They can cross the tracks to the cell tower, which can be climbed or onto the lower portion of the map.

The lower portion of the map is partially flooded, with mostly paths and steps back up to the grocery store. It is ramped down to the ocean and up towards the railway.

On the other side of the map, there is a warehouse, station house and solar panels. The steam train stops outside the station house.


  • You can barricade yourself on the upper floors of the station house with a Hammer.
  • The tunnels can be hidden in, but you will be easily detected by zombies.
  • This map can easily be suited for any weapon. Try to adapt.
  • Being hit by the steam train will kill you. Get out of the way when it comes.


  • The steam train kills many of its passengers, regardless of whether they are zombies or humans. However, money will still be received by the survivors.
  • The map is located between both Blackfield Station and New Bloxcoast
  • Eric's groceries could be a reference to you know who.
  • Sometimes the steam train may glitch, spawning then despawning.
  • Outskirts made a return in R2DA.

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