Open Fields is an event R2D map. It involves players using Bunnies along a path to win races.


Players spawn in on a wooden platform. They are then teleported to the start position. A fence and a sign are the only man-made objects seen. A gravel path can be seen rotating around a fairway. More fairway and trees expand from the path.


  • Throughout the map, there are little item boxes, just like in Mario Kart, you will have a chance of getting one of these 3 items:
    • Speed Shoe - Increases your speed for a short amount of time, useful for getting around people!
    • Egg - Hurl this egg at your opponent to blind them and stop them long enough to pass them!
    • Lightning - Lightning strikes everyone on the map, stopping them for a short amount of time. Useful against crowds.
  • Depending on the place you get depends on the BP you get.
    • 1st Place = 3 Points
    • 2nd Place = 2 Points
    • 3rd Place = 1 Point
    • 4th and below = None
      • If collect 20 or more Bunny Points are collected, you can earn the Bunny Mount without having to spend 750 Robux.
  • Stick to the path. Your Bunny is much faster then on the fairway.
  • While jumping isn't required, except dodging eggs, use "E" to jump.
    • Using spacebar will reset you.
  • People might try and troll by camping an item box and attacking players.


  • This is the only map were survivors do not spawn with anything they have equipped.
    • The Toy Sword was allowed in debug, but this was removed for the main game.

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