Oilrig is a map in R2D. As the name suggests, the map takes place on an oil rig in the middle of the sea. It can be one of the hardest maps due to no solid objects below the oil rig.

In Survival and Elimination, you and the other survivors will spawn on the same boat from Dead Vacation. In Survival, survivors will have 1 minute to escape, enter the rig and fend off zombie attacks for 5 minutes. In Elimination, survivors must kill 100 zombies.


The map takes place on a deserted oil rig. Surprisingly, the oil rig is still functional as a giant flame can be seen at the highest point of the map.

There are four pillars to the map, only two extend down to the ocean. The lower floor contains fuel containers and housing for the former workers. The upper floor contains more containers, a warehouse and more housing. On top of that, there is a helipad.


  • Avoid climbing ladders in a large group!
    • If you do this you are likely to be flung.
  • Do not attempt to stay in the sinking boat, because it will later disappear and you will fall into the water.
    • Additionally, people may block off the ladder buy using Turrets and planks.
  • Be sure to always look up when you're about to climb up from the spawn. Zombies may push you into the water.
  • In Free For All, always be aware of your surroundings. There might be a hidden C4 or somebody might jump in from above.
  • Go to spaces far from the edge of the rig, so you don't get knocked into the water.
  • Camping is not advised here. The camping spots are enclosed and there is no second route out for most.
  • Without an intact spawn point, Stalkers can be widely used.
    • If you are thrown off the rig by a Stalker, you will die.


  • The boat you spawn in is from Dead Vacation, leading to most saying that the events at Oil Rig take place after Dead Vacation.
  • There were no marks of any use of workers in any part of Oil Rig except some cargo tanks.
  • This is the first map to have Free For All or Mixed Martial Arts.

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