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Introducing the only dual resistance vest in R2D, the most health given by a vest in R2D, tied with the Straw Hat and basically the vest you'll want to aim for. The Officer Vest is fireproof, and allows survivors to resist more damage taken from zombies and explosions. This is basically the equivalent to a Swiss Army Knife.


  • The Officer Vest is not very efficient in maintaining cash as you would need to kill a lot of zombies to pay for it and win to benefit.
    • That said, it offers quite a lot of health and offers a fair bit of resistance.


  • The Officer Vest is the first vest with an actual texture, as the previous vests were solidly coloured.
  • The Officer Vest holds many records within R2D:
    • This is the only vest to offer dual resistance.
    • This vest offers the most amount of health, tied with the Straw Hat.
    • This is the most expensive vest in R2D.
    • This is the highest rank locked item in R2D.
  • This vest (and all the other vests) is based on the Nerf Vest mesh but with a different texture, found here.